3 easy steps to handle the Kindergarten blues.

Attention all moms of kindergartners. I’ve seen your posts. I’ve heard your cries. You’re having a tough time. Your sweet baby is off for 8 hours of reading and writing and ‘rithmetic. Now what? Don’t worry. I’m here to help. Listen to me, a seasoned mom of three, follow these 3 easy steps and find your way out of the Kinder blues.

1.Get moving.  The first step in breaking out of your kinder funk is to put on workout clothes. This sends a message. A message to yourself and others. The message is clear: You are a person with discipline. You are person that has her shit together. You are a go getter. It sets the tone for the whole day. Then move your body over to the couch, and start working on step #2.  The Daily Mail says thinking about moving is just as good as actually moving. Awesome!

My favorite exercise…

diddly squats

2. Get support. From 8am-3pm, you have a void that needs to be filled. You are not alone. Find your friends.  If this is your first child, going for coffee isn’t going to be enough. You need extra strength therapy. You need brunch. Brunch can start as early as 9am. Bloody Mary’s and mimosas will help fill the void.

Keep calm and have brunch!



3. Get some rest. Step 3 is easy if you have already followed steps 1 and 2. You’ve strengthened your muscles by thinking about working out, you’ve broken bread (And opened wine) with your support group. The logical next step is a nap. Day drinking makes everyone tired, and now that your little one is at school, you finally have an opportunity to catch up on some z’s. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and clear headed. Which is exactly how you want to be when navigating school pick up!

The dog daze of Kindergarten.


So there you have it.

From sappy to happy in 3 easy steps.

You don’t have to be pulled down by the Kinder blues. All you have to do is take the first step. This schedule has helped many a mom break through and fill the void. Don’t waste anymore time feeling depressed. Find the strength and start with step 1. You’re going to get through this. You will be ok.  xoxo