Who’s driving this thing?

A Modern Mom
Here’s the deal on me. I am a terrible driver but an awesome singer (in the car.) I love 80’s music and teen movies. I am addicted to coffee and wish I never had to make dinner again! I’ve been going through a midlife crisis for about 4 years now which is why I am in a Ukulele band (Better Than Bad,) have too many social media sites and why I started this blog. My parenting style is more old school than new age.

I want to be the best mom ever without losing myself. I want to have a soul mate kind of relationship with my husband.  I want to be the lead singer in an obscure rock and roll band. I WANT to want to run a marathon.

I am currently living my life in the carpool lane…. molding the minds of three awesome kids, caring for two stubborn bulldogs and consistently confusing one level headed husband.

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