Honk if you love: GlossyBox


No this is not a term with hidden meaning. This is a box that thinks outside the box. A cute little package with 5 products that keeps you satisfied every month!  Sometimes I run across something that is too good to keep to myself. Maybe it saves time, makes me look cool, or keeps me feeling young! GlossyBox does all these things.

I heard about this from my bestie over at #luxurytravelmom. You can check out her travel website here:  http://www.luxurytravelmom.com/ Her GlossyBox travels well. I like to share my GlossyBox with others.  (You still remember that we are talking about an actual box here, right?)

Thoughtful, in vogue gifts can be hard to come by.  I can barely find time for a shower much less find time to research the latest beauty du jour!  Not to mention many of those trends are super pricey! So if you have a Kevin Hart bank account, (you know, where you have a checking and a savings, but all the money is in your savings) GlossyBox is perfect for you!


It’s thoughtful! And the price is right!  A gorgeous box with the latest and greatest in beauty products!  They do all the work and you get all the credit.  Send it to yourself or send to a friend. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Now you can thank me for proving that good things really do come in small packages! http://www.glossybox.com/

Disclosure: I took care of my own GlossyBox. It was not sponsored. They didn’t even know I was going to write about them.  But of course I’m open to it now…if even just the tip. 😉 

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