Word to your mother

There are certain words I don’t like to hear people say …..like pantyhose and moist. (even worse when they are in the same sentence) And then there are words that I don’t like to hear from my children. Like shut up, butt, fart, and suck. I say two of those words myself (maybe 3), but an adult mouth is different than a kid mouth. Right?

My kids are good kids. They are polite and respectful (not to me of course….. but others tell me it’s true.) So who cares if a few iffy words are said? I do!  IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! I have tried to ban them, but like Mike, my “bad boy” boyfriend from 8th grade —- banning only makes it more appealing.

  joe dirt 4 edit   colin ferrell kiss

When I was growing up, we were not allowed to say butt or crap. I can’t really remember what happened to us if we said it but I remember that it was bad. Good kids had clean mouths. lol Or maybe I should say bad kids had clean mouths because they were constantly washed out with soap.  Ironic Disclaimer: My mom now takes great joy in saying words considered far worse than butt.


That’s it, isn’t it?  Taboo things are fun.  Maybe my kids get the same euphoria and power from butt and suck that I do with my own 4 letter friends. I don’t know.

Crap.  How will this tie into underage drinking and sex? Parenting through the teenage years is going to suck. Suck ass. (Shut up.)

5 thoughts on “Word to your mother

  1. Oh man! The Mike before and after pics caused me to guffaw so loudly I startled a nearby stranger. Felt good! Though there is a little terror, too, recalling how true this was for me as well and wondering what karmic payback I have coming my way. 🙂

  2. I prided myself on never ever using profanity while my kids were growing up but this year my New Years resolution was never saying the dreaded F word in 2014. My resolution lasted less than 24 hours. I can say what I want to to whoever I want. I’ve earned the right. I’m not trying to impress anyone anymore. Yes it’s gross not ladylike, crude, something no Mumsie should utter but I love my F word. I say it with gusto now. 🙂

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