My tooth fairy sucks!

I’d like to fire her but it seems it is impossible to fire a tooth fairy. Their employment agreements are iron clad. But this is getting ridiculous. My poor third child has gotten the shaft more than once. I’d say 7 out of 10 times, the tooth fairy has not shown on the first night.


How could anyone forget this little guy?

Oh sure, she has all kinds of excuses.

My navigation system was on the fritz.

I didn’t get the message.

My wings are broken.

I had to help a friend move.

But my 7 year old is getting tired of hearing these excuses and is starting to question the tooth fairy’s work ethic!

She is very apologetic but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I mean, if she could see the disappointment on my little guy’s face when his tooth is still sitting under his pillow, she would never be late again!



Listen, I get it. The tooth fairy is swamped. She has to run all over God’s green earth, dodging parents, pets, pigs…(I saw Tooth Fairy 2.) and with the new series Orange is the New Black, time can get away from her.

I can forgive once, maybe twice…but 7 out of 10 times???  Maybe her morale is low. Maybe she wants to get out of the tooth business and become a model/actress. I’m not sure what is happening here but she needs to get her head back in the game.  We have a few more teeth to go.


Plus, the markup on these forgotten teeth is really starting to hurt the budget.


Thank goodness $5 can fix most 7 year old problems.

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